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  • Noise and Vibration Assessments for new sensitive land uses, new commercial uses and new industrial facilities. 

  • Trouble-shooting noise and vibration problems in existing residential buildings and avoiding problems in the design of new developments.

  • Field measurements, Sound Transmisstion Class (STC) wall/floor tests, Impact Isolation Class (IIC), complaint investigation, acoustic audits, analyses, design, reporting, site inspections and construction inspections.

  • Providing peer review services to approving agencies, municipalities and private landowners or landowner groups.

  • Providing expert testimony.

  • Noise and Vibration Assessment studies for new railways and modification to rail infrastructure and rail yards.

  • Noise assessment studies for existing, expanded or new roadways.

  • Acoustical assessment reports as required by The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. 


A short summary of the services we at Jade Acoustics offer is listed below:

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