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Multi-Storey Residential Buildings

In order to provide compatible living in a multi-storey building, Jade Acoustics assesses the wall and floor/ceiling partitions and the mechanical and electrical equipment with respect to noise and vibration. This evaluation is to determine compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and Tarion Bulletin 19R. Construction drawings, shop drawings, and site instructions are reviewed and recommendations made to meet the applicable guidelines. Once constructed on-site inspections, including Sound Transmission Class (STC) tests are conducted. Prior to building construction, vibration is evaluated and continuous monitoring is completed as needed. 

Sample Projects

  • Parc Nuvo Condominiums (Toronto)

  • Scenic on Eglington Condominiums (Toronto)

  • The 6th at Angus Glen Condominiums (Markham)

  • Grand Genesis Condominiums (Richmond Hill)

Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) requires that many industries have an ECA. Jade Acoustics prepares the Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR) as part of the application for the ECA. Acoustic modelling using the CadnaA software and on-site noise and vibration measurements are used to assess the acoustical impact. Where required, mitigation is designed to meet the MOECC guidelines. In addition, we conduct Acoustic Audits (AA) when required by conditions itemized in the ECA.

Sample Projects

  • Rohm and Haas (Toronto)

  • Baseline Solar Facility (Sault St. Marie)

  • TransCanada Pipeline Co-generation

  • Telesis Gas Flare (Port Stanley)

  • Markham District Energy (Markham)

Land Use Application

Jade Acoustics assesses the noise and vibration impact from road, rail, aircraft, commercial uses and industries on sensitive land use applications for due diligence, Official Plan Amendment (OPA), rezoning, draft plan approval and site plan approval. 

Sample Residential Projects

  • Morningside Heights Residential Development (Toronto)

  • Springdale Residential Community (Brampton) 

  • Woodland Hill Residential Community (Newmarket)

  • Angus Glen Communities (Markham)

  • Boxgrove Community (Markham)

  • Westown Residential Community (Toronto)

Sample Commercial Projects

  • Bramalea Road and Sandalwood Parkway (Brampton)

  • Mississauga Road and Williams Parkway (Brampton)

  • Copper Creek Commerce (Markham)

Complaint Investigation


Noise and Vibration complaints arise in single family and multi-storey dwellings, from road and rail sources, from proximity to commercial and industrial uses, from internal mechanical equipment and from entertainment venues. Jade Acoustics investigates the complaints, beginning with discussions with the individuals lodging the complaint, and discussions with the source of the complaints. The investigation may require multiple site visits, sound/vibration measurements, analysis, determination of the actual source that is producing the noise/vibration and determination of mitigation measures. The goal is to reduce the source to acceptable levels and promote compatibility.

Sample Projects

  • Polson Pier Entertainment Venue (Toronto)

  • CP Alyth Yard (Calgary)

  • CN MacMillan Rail Yard (Vaughan)

  • Luxury Condominium, Penthouse Mechanical Equipment Noise (Toronto)

  • CN Lynn Creek Rail Yard (British Columbia)

Other Projects

Jade Acoustics conducts noise and vibration studies for: 

  • new railway facilities including rail yards and expansion of rail lines,

  • wind turbines,

  • peer reviews for municipalities and private landowners,

  • room acoustics such as churches, banquet facilities, gymnasiums,

  • acoustic courses,

  • assisting municipalities with the development of noise guidelines.

Sample Projects

  • ​CP Belle Plaine Rail Spur (Saskatchewan)

  • CP Wolverton Yard (Blanford-Blenheim)

  • Bulk Barn Corporate Office (Aurora)

  • Goodwood Go-Karts (Uxbridge)

  • Railway Association of Canada/FCM Proximity Guidelines (Canada)

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