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The emphasis of the services rendered is on noise and vibration control. A practical and efficient approach is taken to problem solving for clients needing assistance in meeting government regulations for land development, buildings and industry, and for providing a quiet indoor environment for occupants.


Our projects are diverse and include assessments to control noise from roads, highways, railways, airports, industry and commercial uses. 


Jade Acoustics has acquired an extensive list of long-term clients and relationships by providing quality services and information to those using our services. Our clients include developers, builders, industry owners, commercial developers, government and private citizens.


Jade Acoustics Inc. has been providing acoustical consulting services since 1989. 

We are an acoustical engineering firm providing consulting services to both the private and public sectors. The work we do includes the control of noise and vibration in the development of land, as well as in the design of buildings and industrial facilities. This includes the impact of a variety of sources such as road, rail and aircraft traffic, industrial and mechanical equipment on both residential and commercial uses. Jade Acoustics Inc. is involved in trouble-shooting noise and vibration problems in existing buildings as well as working with architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, contractors and other consultants to avoid problems in the design of new developments.

The philosophy of engineering quality control includes mandatory review of all documentation by senior staff before leaving the office, along with being fully insured. Jade Acoustics staff remains current on acoustic measurement procedures and modelling techniques as well as local, national and international guidelines. 


The staff at Jade Acoustics would be happy to respond to any inquiries about your current projects relating to acoustics, noise and vibration control.

411 Confederation Parkway, Unit 19 

Concord ON L4K 0A8


Tel: (905) 660-2444

Fax: (905) 660-4110

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