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A professional relationship with other consultants in the acoustics field as well as related fields has always been in place. Jade Acoustics maintains a good working relationship with the noise units at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment  and Climate Change (MOECC), Health Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and various municipalities.

Contacts with testing laboratories, product manufacturers, suppliers and installers are available to assist Jade's clients when needed.

The staff at Jade Acoustics would be pleased to answer any of your questions regarding our business.


The engineers at Jade Acoustics would be happy to respond to any inquiries about your current projects relating to acoustics, noise control and vibration.

Sample Client List


Commercial Builders 

Condominium Corporations 

Commercial Developers 

Federal Government

High-rise Builders 




Private Homeowners 

Property Managers 

Provincial Government

Railway Companies 

Residential Builders 

Residential Developers

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